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Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Get the Girl Who Can Have Any Guy She Wants" By, Carrie Stevens

At the risk of being stoned by my fellow foxy females, I feel compassion for men sometimes. For instance, it must suck to have to wait behind the velvet rope to get in a club. Hot girls never do that. And what about free drinks? Men seldom get them. Hell, I even get free French fries if there happens to be a boy working the drive through window! And how often does a woman offer to pump your gas just because you’re cute? Doesn’t it sound fun to be hot? Well, it is…until the guy pumping your gas reaches into your window and tries pump something else! Too bad that guy was a lunatic because he was on the right track with offering to pump the gas!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

18k Gold-Dipped Murdered Skull

Ju$t Another Rich Kid
18k Gold-Dipped Murdered Skull Pendant with Diamond Chips
Price: $300.00

18k Gold Murdered Skull 18k Gold-Dipped Pendant with Diamond chips on a link chain.

About Ju$t Another Rich Kid

New York based artist Ken Courtney is founder of the independent fashion label, Ju$t Another Rich Kid. His artwork and clothing address fame, celebrity status and the commodification of names and brands in contemporary media. Like celebrity and celebrity culture, demand for luxury items is completely created. As an extension of our obsession with fame, celebrity, and commodities, Courtney’s Ju$t Another Rich Kid created a line of luxury objects: Indulgences (for the man who has absolutely everything).

"Luxury objects are usually functional, but made for people who want to be ostentatious and have an item that everyone else has—but that’s obviously better quality and more expensive. With Indulgences, I wanted to comment on luxury accessories by making items that take that and push the envelope," says Courtney. Indulgences address the creation of and demand for the unnecessary, directly commenting on the ever-expanding market of luxury items in our culture. In order to hit just the right balance in the collection, he’s teamed up with a master in the design world, Tobias Wong, who is known for transforming every day objects into objects of desire.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

AWOL - 'Alcohol With Out Liquid'

A new way of consuming alcohol that offers an immediate hit with no hangover the next day has been introduced in the United Kingdom.The new method is known as AWOL, an acronym for 'Alcohol With Out Liquid', and could become a hit in the global club scene due to the euphoric 'high' created when alcohol is vaporised, mixed with oxygen and inhaled.

Billed at launch as the 'ultimate party toy', AWOL machines serve bar customers via tubes and could be seen as a modern version of the 'Nargile' or 'Hookah' water-pipe which originated in India and became an important part of society in Turkey and Middle Eastern countries in the 17th century, eventually becoming the height of fashion at sheik Western society parties during the late 19th and early 20th century.