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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tie for "Mullet of The Month"

CamaroMullet: The CamaroMullet used to have full reign over the mullet brethren, but that was back in the 70's and 80's. This species has fallen from grace since, but can still be seen enjoying NASCAR events and shopping at Kragen, or up in the attic cooking up crank. Distinguishing features include: a molester mustache (peach fuzzy), tight-fitting acid wash jeans, and an ever-present key ring hanging from the belt loop.

Feel the mulletude emanating through your computer screen from this rare pic.

It is not recommended you confront the CamaroMullet, for they are very aggressive and cannot be hurt (this might be due to the frequent use of methamphetamines, angel dust, etc.).

Mulletude: 10
Aggressiveness: 10
Hobbies: primering cars, bar fights, picking scabs, losing teeth.
Sightings: Kragen, Grand Auto, working on a Camaro on their front lawn.
Favorite Band: AC/DC

Anthtrax: oakley razorblades, light, tight bluejeans, fear-imposing stance, molester mustache, green carpeting.

much like the sprayable disease, as well as the metal band, there is little one can do once infected 'cept for to submit and watch their bowels turn to paste.

Mulletude: 10

Aggressiveness: 10

Hobbies: beer, bashing, taking it like a man.

Sightings: fresno, bakersfield.

Favorite Band: Public Enemy [Via]

The Revolver Report Bottom Line: Don't miss out of the mullet comeback of '06. There are hours of mullet enjoyment and uncontrollable laughter in the classification section."

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