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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Is your girl a Gold Digger? Here are 5 Ways to Tell...

1. Every time the check comes she has to “freshen up.” Maybe on one date it can be coincidental, but not 8 in a row. At least reach for your purse, woman...Damn.

Here’s a good way to turn the tables and test this “freshen up” nonsense out. Turn the tables and go freshen up yourself. Tell her you have to go to the bathroom when you’ve finished dinner, the plates are cleared, and it is pretty much obvious that the bill is the next thing coming. Go into the stall and count to 69. If you come back and the check is still there, find someone else to date.

2. She still calls her father “Daddy.” The word “Daddy,” is not ok coming from a girl who is twenty-three. A girl atwenty-three saying “Daddy” denotes a well-to do father who gives his spoiled brat everything her little heart desires, and never says no. You will also never say no, or face the wrath of a vicious blow to the groin. I don’t care how hot the girl you are dating is, stop calling her. You will avoid much misery, torture, and black-balling from your friends. So keep your dignity and just say NO to “Daddy’s little princess.”

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